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CompTIA Security + Information


Train Department of Defense personnel for the IA technical level two Security+ certification, and in the practical application of network security techniques.

The Security+ course will train Army IA personnel to achieve Technical Level 2 certification. The curriculum will provide instruction on the bodies of knowledge required for the Security+ certification. Attendance at this course (after completion of the required pre-requisites) will satisfy the Army Technical Level 2 TRAINING requirement.

Prerequisites and Documentation

The following is a list of prerequisite certifications required to attend class:

  • Cyber Security Fundamentals (CSF) Training (Use login above to conduct this training online)
  • Army e-Learning Program - Security Plus modules (CIO/G-6 NETCOM INFORMATION ASSURANCE SECURITY PLUS (5 modules and Test Prep)) - estimated time: 3-4 working days. IAW AR 25-2,4-3a(6)(a).Details)

In addition, depending on employment position, other documentation is required:

  • Military personnel require a DD Form 1610.
  • Ft. Eisenhower military personnel require a DA Form 4187 (in lieu of DD Form 1610).
  • DA civilians require a DD Form 1610 or SF Form 182 (in lieu of DD Form 1556 per SF 182 memorandum).
  • Any personal without TDY orders are required to have a signed memorandum. (example)

All documentation must state that the student is directed to attend the Security+ Course. If this statement is not on the documentation, the student's home organization must amend the documents and fax them to IA while student is attending class, which can delay the student from receiving the certificate of completion. Students can be removed from class if documentation is not properly submitted.

NOTE: Both training completion certificates and additional documentation must be presented to instructor on the first day of class.


Students must communicate with their training coordinators to register for the Security+ course in ATRRS. Training coordinators have enrollment access to ATRRS to register students for classes. Please NOTE: Instructors and staff of Information Assurance at Ft. Eisenhower and other training locations DO NOT have enrollment access to ATRRS and do not have the ability to enroll students.

Other important information about enrolling through ATRRS

  • Each course has a specific course number in ATRRS:

    • Security+ Course Number: 7E-F104/531-F57 (CT)

  • The school code for Ft. Eisenhower in ATRRS is 113 (see below for additional Mirror Site school codes)

  • Courses are mapped on a fiscal year. Fiscal Year runs from October - September.
    (For example, if a student wishes to attend a class in October 2022, the course would be listed under Fiscal Year 2023.)


To view the schedule for the Security+ course:

  1. Go to the ATRRS Course Catalog.
  2. Enter the following data into the search fields:
    • Course Number
      Security+ Course Number: 7E-F104/531-F57 (CT)
    • Fiscal Year
      Fiscal Year runs from October - September.
      (For example, if a student wishes to attend a class in October 2007, the course would be listed under Fiscal Year 2008.)
    • School Code
      The school code for Ft. Eisenhower in ATRRS is 113 (see below for additional Mirror Site school codes)
  3. Click the Search the ATTRS Course Catalog button
  4. Click the course link for the schedule for the Fiscal Year

Course Information

Course Documents
Welcome Letter

Security+ Student Handout: This is the student handout for the Security+ block of training.

Security+ Student Slide Deck: This is the Power Point slide deck for Security+.
Security+:  Documentation and literature will be provided during the class.

Class Hours
Each class is held from Monday to Friday between 0830 (8:30 A.M.) and 1630 (4:30 P.M.). Please make your travel arrangements accordingly.
Class Location
  • Building: Cobb Hall, building 25801, located on 25th Street and Chamberlain Avenue, Fort Eisenhower.
  • Classes are normally held in room 213 and room 206. From the rear entrance, go to the second floor.
    • Primary lab, Room 206A: This is the main classroom. From the stair well, immediately turn left. Room 206A is the second room on the left.
    • Secondary lab, Room 213B: When entering the second floor from the stair well, walk straight ahead 15 feet. Room 213 is the first room on the left.
    • Instructors' office, Room 205: From the stair well, immediately turn left. Room 205 is the first room on the left. Most IA instructors are located in this office and will be able to assist you if you have any questions.
  • Driving Directions
    • From Gate 5 and Tobacco Road: After entering Gate 5, drive straight ahead and turn left on Chamberlain Avenue. Follow the directions below.
    • From the Fort Eisenhower Main Gate: You will be on Chamberlain Avenue. After you pass the 9-story building, Signal Towers, look for 25th Street. Turn right, then turn right into the parking lot in the rear of Cobb Hall. Students should not park in lot next to the building. This parking lot is reserved for Cobb Hall employees.

Ft. Eisenhower Information

Vehicle Registration

Students driving onto the Fort Eisenhower installation are required to have a valid CAC to enter the installation. If the student does not have valid CAC, a temporary pass can be obtained from the Visitor center at Gate 1. For more information on vehicle registration, call the military police at DSN 780-3132 or commercial 706-791-3132.


Students should anticipate moderate to long delays at all Ft. Eisenhower gates. Leaving lodging location early enough to allow time for gate delays is highly recommended.

Driving directions:

  • From I-20: Take Belair Road / Jimmie Dyess Parkway Exit. If traveling East on I-20, take a right off of the exit. If traveling West, take a left off of the exit. Travel approximately 3 miles until you reach Ft. Eisenhower Gate 1. Map

  • From Bobby Jones Expressway (I-520): Take Ft. Eisenhower exit. Merge onto Eisenhower Hwy and travel approximately 2.5 miles until you reach Chamberlain Avenue (3rd traffic light). Take a left into Ft. Eisenhower Gate 1. Map

  • From Augusta Regional / Bush Field Airport: Travel out of main airport entrance onto Tobacco Road (straight). Continue on Tobacco Road for approximately 10 miles until you reach Ft. Eisenhower Gate 5. Map


IAW Institutional Training Directed Lodging Meal (ITDLM) Policy Memo and Handbook Document 2 dated 2 June 08; all Soldiers (Army, ARNG, & USAR) on TDY status have to check in at IHG, Griffith Hall, Bldg 250. IHG will either house the student or send them to a specific hotel at no cost of the TDY student.

There are many off-post hotels in the Ft. Eisenhower vicinity as well. offers information about hotels in the area. Sites such as,,,, and can offer lodging information for the Ft. Eisenhower surrounding area as well.


Fort Eisenhower has a number of restaurants on post. To find more information, including menus, please visit the Fort Eisenhower Dining page. You can also find great food in the surrounding Augusta area. Take a look at the Augusta Vistor's Bureau website for some listings.

Fort Eisenhower Map  Click here for a full map of Ft. Eisenhower

Fort Eisenhower Websites  Fort Eisenhower (.com)  |   Fort Eisenhower (.mil)