Fort Eisenhower

Welcome to the Information and Communication Technologies Defense (ICTD) Division

May-2023 Army Cybersecurity Workforce Qualification and Training Newsletter
Download: Army Cybersecurity Workforce Qualification and Training May 2023 Newsletter

The Information and Communication Technologies Defense (ICTD) Division, U.S. Army School Cyber Leader College, provides high quality Information Assurance/Computer Network Defense training and certification for Department of Defense personnel worldwide.

The Mobile Training Team is contracted to provide training to Army personnel in a valid Cyber coded billet and appointed on letter in the position that aligns to the coded MTOE/TDA billet. Cyber personnel from other services can attend only with coordination between the Component's Workforce Management Division and the Contracting Officer Representative (J.B Lindsey, See contact page). There must be a valid reason for attendance by other service members to attend (i.e. managing Army resources, etc...).
This includes the Resident sites at Fort Liberty, Fort Eisenhower, JBLM, Fort McCoy, CP Robinson and Fort Cavasoz. All students requiring a seat in any of the mobile and resident classes will be validated through the Army Training and Certification Tracking System by the DCS, G6 Workforce Management Team at Cyber Trainers Mailbox and the CCoE COR. All class registrations will be in ATCTS.

The Division is also responsible for research, course development, and the distribution of course materials to our satellite sites worldwide. We make every effort to remain on the cutting edge of technology and safeguard the Army's networks.